Android Wear : Upgrade brings interactive watch faces and Google Translate

Google has announced today that a new upgrade comes in the next few weeks for Android Wear, brings new exciting features.

First of all we have, new interactive watch faces and as the name suggests their name, will offer interactive displays in smartwatch with more ways to interact with it. So, with a touch on Android Wear we can change the design to disclose more information, or to open a particular application. For example, a watch face showing the temperature outside the current, pressing on it will show a more detailed forecast for weather.

Currently, there are only three interactive watch faces available: the Bits, the Together and Under Armour. The Bits lets you select information that we want to see on the screen except the time, such as missed calls, new email, weather, battery status, shares our upcoming meetings and more.

Another feature that comes to Android Wear is Google Translate, which will be integrated into the upgrade and not a separate application. Google Translate This will operate in smartwatch even if we do not have the corresponding app installed on our mobile.

To use all we have to do is talk to our clock and this will translate directly into one of the 44 supported languages. The translated text we can send it to a friend with a flick of our wrists and when he answered in his own language, we shake our wrist to the back to see what she says. The translation is done automatically and recognizes what language we speak. For translating written words, the Google Translate works with 90 languages ​​at the moment.