Ayaal Njanalla Malayalam Movie Review

 A sudden and unexpected climax does cast a disappointing and bitter end for Ayaal Njanalla but except that factor and some illogical stuffs, the film is definitely a clean entertainer that mainly stand out for a fine performance from Fahadh Fazil. It is a sort of a comeback for the actor who was going through a tough phase after the debacle of Money Ratnam, Haram and Mariyam Mukku.

The central protagonist is Prakasan who hails from Koilandy and is living with his uncle in Gujarat. He has no one back home and is helping in the tyre business of his uncle. Sudden demise of Prakasan’s uncle puts the young man in financial trouble. To settle all the debts, the guy lands in Bangalore where the film takes a different turn.

A normal pattern of narrative is followed in the pre-interval portion and it is the second half that takes a sudden twist in the proceedings. Humour plays a prominent part in the latter half to entertain the audience and there is no amount of boredom in the movie to make a bad experience for the audience.

As I said, a bit of a let down is the climax portion that gets a sudden end. The writing for that portion after taking the audience to a certain level of enjoyment takes a beating because of that. Certain illogical moments which I am not mentioning here due to the spoiler factor could have been avoided.

Actor Vineeth Kumar who is directing this flick has not done anything exceptional and has kept things straight and simple without adding any melodramatic feel. His screenplay based on the story by Renjith needed some fine tuning. Cinematography was a positive factor in the film and the frames definitely gave a different feel for the eyes. Edits were okay while music and background score also contributed in a positive way.

Fahadh handled the character of Prakasan with utmost sincerity and credit also goes to him for the way he handled the Koilandy slang to such perfection. Mrudula Murali, the female lead did a decent job. Humour part was given the best finish by Sreekumar and Noby and among the two it was Sreekumar who was the better one among the duo. Tini Tom, TG Ravi, Renji Paniker and Dinesh Prabhakar are also part of the cast.