Bahubali Movie Review

That one hour of action packed and jaw biting battle in the end more than compensate for all the flaws that you can spot in Rajamouli’s epic drama Bahubali: The Beginning. The will match any Hollywood war drama in terms of technical finesse and mesmerise you with a feel of watching an English film. Director who is famous for such crafty piece of work has literally taken Indian Cinema to another level when it comes to technicalities and detailing of each and every aspect of movie making is concerned.

The story has Shivudu played by Prabhas growing up under the care of a tribal group in a forest area. He grow up to become a strong man only to encounter his past that turn his life and the objective of his birth to something that he may not have dreamt of.
Its not that Bahubali is the ultimate of everything but the way Rajamouli has conceived and executed a normal story into such an epic proportion on screen is something that is really commendable. Showing all signs of a perfect blockbuster, the film uses visual effects and CGI to great perfection. The level of VFX in Bahubali is something that Indian Cinema has not dared to try. Something that Rajamouli can take credit for exploring into that area so deep and of course he should thank his producers for giving out the green signal with a heavy budget production.

Some of the negatives that I found was the romance between Sivudu and Avanthika that was a thorn in an otherwise marvellous movie. Songs were nicely tuned but their placement was untimely. The dance that our hero does in the initial part of the film after that Siva Linga moment did not give a pleasing feel. Story is also a pretty normal one but Rajamouli has executed and presented the normal good versus evil story with sheer brilliance such that we are ready to forgive him for all these and other minor flaws.
Without Sabu Cyril, Bahubali would only be half complete. Yes, the set he has put forth taking almost one year for that is magnanimous and is one of the best I have seen from our films. The beauty of Athirappilly has been beautifully captured through the camera of KK Senthilkumar.

VFX whoever has done it is a perfect icicing on the cake for the film to be a real visual treat for our eyes. Editing had its share of problems while background score and sound design was apt in every sense. Peter Haine deserves full credit on the action department and he has designed some breathtaking and riveting action sequences especially in the final battle that keeps everyone right on the edge of their seat.

Prabhas in a dual role excelled in the best possible way he can. Rana Daggubati was equally good with his masculine structure and heavy looks. Tamanna was okay while Anushka in a zero glamorous role was a change from her usual characters. Looking forward to see more of her in the concluding part that reach theatres next year. Ramya Krishnan in a powerful character was highly impressive supported by Sathyaraj and Nasser.

So in Bahubali we have a visual treat that one cannot imagine. This review is based on the Tamil version that I saw. I will be watching the Telugu version to get the original feel today. Now what are you waiting for. Just rush to your nearest cinemas and grab your tickets to watch one of the brilliantly executed entertaining film from SS Rajamouli. The rating is four out of five and I am excited and looking forward to the conclusion of the film that will happen in 2016.