Corsics , To go from Bastia to Ajaccio, you can hop on a bike, head down and go for it. Professionals are ready to do that at the Centenary Tour de France. Certainly they fulfill their duty, but they hardly see anything of the Island of Beauty. Here are some ideas when they come back on vacation.

This year the Tour will venture for the first time in Corsica on roads that display a profound contempt towards the straight, as fried, it’s even worse, they ignore his very existence. These routes at every turn taunt precipices, approach a little wild peaks, open to the sky in relation to the offering and breathtaking views which is not recommended for cyclists especially the Tour to France , well cast in their tight shorts thighs, pedal after the victory. 

However, they should avoid this danger breathing because all their obsession with race, there is little chance they get damaged in contemplation of the Straits of Bonifacio, the forest of Vizzavona, bloodthirsty Islands or Piana creeks. They can complain, for their Corsican journey, they finally retain the bib numbers of those who preceded them. It was well worth going into exile on the island which the Greeks called Kallisté in antiquity, that is to say, the most beautiful. At least running, could they have in Bastia, visit pack until the Notre Dame Monserato. A chapel not like the others since in the nineteenth century, Pope Pius VII granted it a great privilege: possess either a saint santa scala staircase. Just to see his sins absolved knees to climb all the stairs in a spirit of contrition.