Drifter : The new waterproof speaker for listening to your favourite music on the beach

Summer is the best time to go to the beach and hang out for hours in the hot sun listening to your favorite music from your mobile phone. But beware because the sand, water and high temperatures are not the best friends of the mobile phone, as they can spoil very easily if you have some special case.

For this reason the company Freedom Audio created the Drifter, the new portable waterproof speaker for listening to your favorite music on the beach.

If you are fans of camping and beach parties, then the Drifter is the ultimate gadget for you as running operating Android, includes touchscreen and 16GB built-in memory to store your favorite music. Coupled with the already eight-hour battery life that has the Drifter will keep you company until dawn without having to touch your mobile when you go beach.

Also when you are home you can use it as a speakerphone connecting to the WiFi network or Bluetooth to another device.The price amounts to $ 189 if the pre-order, while later will cost around $ 300.Buy from amazon soon before the release. Here is the link