Drishyam Hindi Movie Review

Finally its the turn of Bollywood to adapt the Malayalam movie Drisyam after all the South Indian languages adapted it with profound success. After watching the Malayalam film followed by Tamil and now Hindi, I would say both have done a pretty good job in remaking the original but still Drishyam the original Malayalam version is the best among the three. May be my mother tongue is playing a big influence here but even then the original Jeethu Joseph film have something extra in it.

Nishikanth Kamat has adapted the screenplay of Jeethu Joseph in almost similar pattern with few minor changes to suit the Hindi audience. Without compromising on the thrills in the second half and a simpler first half, Drishyam the Hindi remake is an excellent film for a viewer who is totally new to the storyline. So the bottom line here is that if you have seen Malayalam or Tamil, Drishyam Hindi is not a must watch. May be for a comparison purpose you can give it a try.
Story is the same here too where Ajay’s Vijay Salgaonkar and his family leading a normal life gets an uninvited guest to ruin their life. The investigation that follows a murder case and the effort of Vijay to save his family form rest of the story.
Ajay Devgan is a fine actor but he has his own limitations. So we cannot compare him to what Mohanlal or for that matter what Kamal Hassan did in Malayalam and Tamil respectively. Ajay has done a decent job but in the Hindi version it is Tabu as IG Meera Desmukh who scores more and you can say she has outshone the male protagonist unlike the Malayalam and Tamil versions. On a personal note I will say our Georgekutty was the better among the lot closely followed by Kamal. Ajay is not a match for these two legends and veterans which he himself said a few days back.