Editor behind leakage of Premam found; Hard disk found by police

Premam movie has been leaked from with in the team.The film has been leaked from the hard disk and the hard disk has been identified by the police .The editor behind the leakage of the censor copy is also been identified , Police says.One of the two DVD’s for the censor board is ruined as reports says.
Anti-Piracy cell reports that they got the path of leakage of censor copy but still they has not rolled name of the culprits. Police reports that they should get more evidence against them.

A week ago, the team behind Premam including the director was questioned by Police.Premam was censored on May 18. But as there was a notice to make some changes in film, the DVD was given back to editors. The next day itself, May 19 two DVD’s was given to censor board after doing some montage. But only DVD was given to Censor board. The person who delivered the DVD to censor board said that the other copy was ruined.

But later police got the information that he was having hard disk with him and he copied it to studio at Thiruvanathapuram. The censor copy was leaked from this hard disk