How to Clear your Facebook Search History

Quick steps to see and delete your Facebook Search history

Are you aware of that every part you search on Fb is recorded and logged? For instance; when you search the term “online peeps” on Fb, will probably be saved in your Activity log.

Notice that nobody else besides you possibly can view your Activity logs, so you needn’t to worry about your searches getting uncovered to the other folks.
However nonetheless, for some causes, you could wish to management (view or erase) your facebook search history logs. Beneath are the steps that allow you to do this in only a few seconds.

Controlling Fb Search Activity

As a way to view and delete your Facebook Search history, you’ll have to navigate to the Exercise feed in your account after which click on the “Search” part there. A fast shortcut to straight land on the facebook search history logs is to go to the next URL: