icloud limits for contacts,reminders,bookmarks

Get the boundaries Contacts, Calendars, Reminders and Bookmarks you can use the iCloud:

Bookmarks (Bookmarks)

  • Total number of Bookmarks (bookmarks): 25,000
  • Maximum size of data per bookmark: 4 KB
  • Maximum total size of all Bookmarks (bookmarks): 24 MBContacts (Contacts)
  • Maximum total number of registered contacts (contact cards): 25,000
  • Maximum one contact data size: 256 KB
  • Maximum size of data a contact photo: 224 KB
  • Maximum data size of a Contact Group: 256 KB
  • Maximum total data length of contacts:
    Text: 24 MB
    Photos: 100 MB
  • Contact Supported photo files: JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF
  • Restrictions on imports (import) vCard cards:
    Maximum number of vCards: 25,000
    Maximum size of data per vCard: 256 KB (picture + text)
    Maximum data size of a photo in vCard: 224 KB

Calendars and Reminders (Calendars & Reminders)

  • Total number Calendars, Events (events) and recalled: 25,000
  • Maximum number of lists Diaries / Reminders: 100
  • Maximum number of users who you can invite to an event: 300
  • Maximum number of users with whom you can share a private (private) Diary: 100
  • Maximum number of characters in title Reminder: 100