Kanyaka Talkies Malayalam Movie Review

After getting numerous accolades at various domestic as well as foreign film festivals, award winning movie Kanyaka Talkies finally reach cinemas on a low scale without much fanfare. Narrated quite well without any sort of lagness, the film strikes you and does not make a viewer disappointed. Dealing with a subject that is an interesting one, Kanyaka Talkies draws you towards it which is conceived by debutant KR Manoj who is an award winning documentary director.

The title gives a feel of a film that deals with problems and issues of the cinema business but it is not so. Yakub runs a B-class theatre that shows only adult movies. His life turns miserable and ultimately he close this theatre situated in a beautiful and remote village. Yakub hands over the ownership of the land for construction of a church.

This is the basic narrative forming part of the first half and once the Church starts functioning with the arrival of the priest, the story takes a different turn and show some events that unfold with some haunting feel to it.

Emotional at the same time the disturbed mind of some people are shown in the movie. The film is structured in such a way that it has basically two layers with the first half focusing more on establishing the characters and their problems particularly Yakub and Ancy. When it came to the second half it was more of a psychological drama and religion that holds centrestage. And in both these levels, I would say the director has tasted success in conveying the subject.

The only slight disagreement or rather disappointment was the climax that for me was hard to digest. Especially the reason they showed for the issue faced by a particular individual that created a conflict of mind in this person.

Direction from KR Manoj is on the positive side and he show that he is one director we can look forward to for the future. Dialogues were less dramatic. Cinematography was handled well while Mahesh Narayanan has done his part with the editing works. Sound design was perfect along with decent background score. Sync sound was also used effectively without any flaws.

Murali Gopi as the priest did not disappoint coming up with a flawless act while Lena gave another strong performance as Ancy the home nurse. Alencier Lay as Yakoob made a lasting presence while Indrans, NL Balakarishnan, Raju, Sunil Sugatha and Sudheer Karamana played the supporting part.

Overall, Kanyaka Talkies is a neatly executed film and if you love the so called “parallel cinema”, here is one movie that you can definitely go and watch. I go with three and a half out of five as my personal rating for this film.