LG Rolly : The laptop keyboard wrapped for mobile and tablet

The new keyboard from LG combines the ergonomics of the keyboard and the comfort of our mobile phone, and can be connected to smartphones and tablets offering a unique experience.

LG Rolly

As its name Rolly, the new LG’s keyboard can be coasting, ie taking the wraps stick figure to be transported in comfort.

The new portable keyboard features Bluetooth 3.0 to be connected to two devices simultaneously and it has a stand so you can position your device (up to 10 “). Also needs a AAA battery to be able to work for three months.

In contrast to conventional keyboards silicone bend it from LG is made of ABS plastic which allows bending without breaking.

The LG wants to bring the comfort of keyboards on mobile and tablet to greater comfort and efficiency. The LG Rolly is already available in the US and will be presented at this year’s IFA 2015.

See the video below for LG Rolly: