OnePlus 2 : It takes its first major update

The OnePlus 2 has started circulation for just 10 days and receives the first update. The Oxygen OS v2.0 passes in version v2.0.1 with several improvements.

Oneplus 2

According to the update log have:

  • Patch of Stagefright exploit
  • Better autonomy
  • Best UI with more logic and consistency
  • Corrected the pinch-to-zoom to Google Photos
  • Corrected problem that caused instability in Dark Mode
  • Corrected the problem with export contacts to the SIM
  • Greater support APN providers
  • More improvements and bug fixes.

The upgrade is already available in India and has a size of 1.1GB. The servers are yperfortomenoi up to this moment, so the upgrade will take time.