Papanasam Tamil Movie Review

Right from when the announcement was made by Jeethu Joseph about the remake of Drishyam to Tamil culminating with the trailer release with Kamalhassan set to reprise the role played by Mohanlal, everyone was so excited about making a comparison between the two actors which in my view was totally unnecessary. Now Papanasam has hit theatres and in my view comparison holds no place here as Kamal has portrayed the same character enacted by Mohanlal in his own way making it a memorable one from the actor. So the balance has not tilted in anyone’s favour and fans of both the actors can rejoice as both have made it look easy on screen with their respective portrayal of Georgekutty and Suyambu Lingam with perfection.

About the film Papanasam, I would say the remake has quality in it and is a perfect remake that do ample justice to the original film. All credits to Jeethu Joseph who has stick on to the basics when it comes to a remake of a hugely successful film by retaining the essence of the original but at the same time making sure that the remake goes well with the people from Tamilnadu by making minor changes in the backdrop to suit the people of the region.
The story as we all know is all too familiar where Suyambu Lingam who operates a cable service network and his middle class family comprising his wife and two daughters have their life in a spot of bother due to the sudden and unexpected entry of a youth into their happy and peaceful world.

Though Jeethu has made minor changes in the backdrop to suit the targeted audience, it is almost a scene by scene remake of Drishyam. Even the location and shots looks exactly similar. So those who have watched the original will have to be contented with the performances and technical aspects rather than the suspense element and thrills of the original that were a major highlight that made the original the biggest hit in Mollywood so far.
Screenplay plays a huge part along with Jeyamohan’s dialogues. On the direction side, Jeethu Joseph does not deviate much and he has ensured through Papanasam that the class of Drishyam is not spoiled with his remake attempt.

Now to the performance side. Kamalhassan has matched Mohanlal’s Georgekutty in every department. As I said, both the actors have their own classy style. In some scenes we feel Lal was the better one while in some others we feel Kamal scored more. But in the end, in my view two of my favourite actors are on equal terms and the so called “competition” ends in a stalemate.

Gouthami as Rani was okay as the better half of Suyambu Lingam. Niveda Thomas and Esther Anil were equally good right from the start passing through the emotional and tough times of the characters with ease. Asha Sharath as the female cop matched her Drishyam role but when it came to her dubbing, her accent had problems with lot of Malayali touch. Anant Mahadevan as the husband character was a good casting for the Tamil audience but on a personal view and with all due respects to Anant, I would say Siddhique was miles ahead of him. Kalabhavan Mani as the cruel police constable created that fear and hate in our minds just like the way Shajon did in the original.
Sujith Vasudev with his camera made additional contribution with his work to make a pleasing experience for the eyes. Background score and music did not disappoint and was perfect for each and every scene. Edits were also perfect.

So overall Jeethu Joseph and team have come out with a remake with all conviction and in the process have made total and complete justice to Drishyam, the original. I am going with three and a half out of five for Paapanasam with a big thumbs up to the whole team.