Permanently Delete The Memory Of Your Android Device

Several times it is  necessary to permanently delete data (Factory reset) from our mobile devices .

For example when we want to donate our mobile phone to a member of the family or someone. Permanent data deletion is imperative course when we want to sell our mobile phone, so as not anyone find our forgotten photos.

Cornerstone purpose of permanent deletion is  to ensure that the data had been stored during the year will not reach the hands of third parties .

The first solution that comes to mind is to go and do ‘Factory Settings’ /’ Factory Reset »or Factory reset. Theoretically this function restores our mobile phone to its original state by deleting the data.

But what really happens when we choose the factory reset deletes the data memory?

This question comes to meet a recent survey by the University of Cambridge. The researchers bought from eBay 21 used devices from 5 different manufacturers with different versions of operating Android. Here we will talk a little technical to understand in more depth what is happening and that is the danger.

Researchers deepened his research in  four fields.

  • The Flash memory and the correlation with the file system.

Mobile phones use for permanent storage of data a memory Flash. The original versions of Android have direct access to memory, and check for any errors in memory was directly by the operating system. Later versions use different assimilation modes of Flash memory so the operating not have direct access to memory.

  • Secure data erasure levels.

Initially they emphasize that the operating system when deleting a file does not delete data stored in memory simply deletes the name of the table that has registered files.

–     Higher level of remission  is the destruction of the analog signal that has been stored on the media.

–     Second level  is the digital data destruction where data are destroyed and their recovery is impossible in any digital medium.

–     Third level  is the logical deletion of data where the data can not be recovered through commands access memory.

  • Access to the interfaces of the Linux Kernel.

Once the Android phones use the Linux kernel is also possible to access it. Several applications with root privileges can make system calls and delete data with direct access to memory.

  • Data Apartments – Data Partitions

The Android operating system uses  three compartments for storing data

– The first Apartment saves hidden data applications

– The 2nd Apartment saves user data

– The 3rd Apartment is the external memory user data storage.

CAUTION! Therefore, since the researchers used the “Factory Reset” to delete user data and restores the device to its original state, they managed to gain access to historical data.

Originally they succeeded and gained talks had been using the device (such as SMS) even email that was received and sent by the user. Then they proceeded to further analysis devices and gained the login credentials for Google applications.

Many will wonder what you can do with the data to be recovered?

Can blackmail the user that will leak to the public or to third persons photos or conversations. Also you can gain access to bank details or items associated with his work.

What’s the conclusion? The factory settings delete our data?

The answer is that, unfortunately, the factory settings are NOT secure method to delete our data Androi. .. at least not yet.

So what happens? Users will cease to sell and exchange of used mobile and tablet; Also they will not trust store and manage sensitive data such as banking and health applications?

The solution is the correct and complete remission of our data. How does this take place and what solutions are there?

The solution to  secure data deletion on Android  comes from the company Tabernus !

The Tabernus has a software certified permanent deletion, which has brought the TicTac Data Recovery in Greece that does a very simple but validated procedure. Deletes definitely and certainly from our mobile. Whether Android, whether or iPhone is even hard drive or USB, the Tabernus ensures us that it will not find any data when taken to permanently erase the media.