Rudrasimhasanam Malayalam Movie Review

aRudrasimhasanam , There is love, there is lust, there is seduction, there is romance, there is revenge and every sort of element and that too in a backdrop of black magic and witch craft centered around an ancient Kovilakam. But none of these elements excite you nor does it has the strength to hold and keep the audience engaged. The three hour drama is literally a torturing experience that test the patience level and by the time the movie finish and we come out of theatre gasping for breath, Rudrasimhasanam will have already taken a heavy toll on the audience.
Mattathoor Kovilakam is the pivotal place where the story happens where Hemalatha Thamburatty is getting adjusted to a life without anyone from her family to support after the sudden demise of her father. The story begins in a flash back mode and traces the happenings in the Kovilakam connected with the life of the lady protagonist after the sudden arrival of Rudra Simhan from nowhere.
Screenplay by Sunil Parameswaran who has earlier written Ananthabadram is a major disappointment. Every scene is highly artificial with heavy dose of melodrama that creates an irritating feel. Story was somewhat okay while the execution and treatment from director Shibu Gangadharan also contributed to the movie’s downfall. Dialogues and their delivery was poorly done without any natural feel.

Shibu’s whose previous work was Praise the Lord and it seems he still has to wait for more time to direct a good work that can take him to the next level. Sloppy work from the director with a boring screenplay, that would sum up the direction and scripting scene.

On the acting front, Suresh Gopi was okay as Rudra Simhan whose attire and make up deserved some more care and lacked perfection. Nikki Galrani who had a prominent role to play was a disappointment and her dubbing was not synching at all. Nedumudi Venu was also not able to do total justice to the character of karyasthan of the Kovilakam. Kaniha was not a bad choice as the seductive Mohini while Nishanth Sagar passed the litmus test and didn’t make his role bad.

Sudheer Karamana had a different role to play this time. Shwetha Menon was okay along with Sunil Sugatha and Devan. Inspite of the everything going against the film, Kalabhavan Shajon was able to make a mark in the film.

Cinematography was nicely done while editing department needed to user their chopping skills more efficiently and that did not happen. Songs weren’t that impressive and saying about the background score, it was too loud and heavy creating an unpleasant feel. Whoever has done the art direction deserves praise. Same opinion about the colouring pattern used for the film.