Samsung Galaxy Note 5 : The Dual-SIM version will have support for microSD cards ?

Rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and whether it will have support for microSD cards are many. Obviously this has already been decided by Samsung, after the device was officially announced in a week, but to us this detail is not yet clear.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

On this issue then, a new report from Taiwan, claims that the Dual-SIM version of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will have the possibility of expanding storage space with microSD. This feature, however, will be applied in the most increasingly popular way, the socket for the second SIM, can be used as a location for microSD. Surely this is not the best solution if you want two SIM cards, you can not put your microSD.

Also, there is a huge possibility that the Dual-SIM version of the device to become available only in certain markets and our country judging by previous years, will not be one of those markets.

Certainly, Anyway those are rumors and perhaps a photo leak was more believable, but the best option is to wait for the official announcement on 13 August.