Sellvandhan Telugu Movie Review

What you normally expect from a mass Telugu movie, its there aplenty in the Mahesh Babu starrer Sellvandhan , the Tamil dubbed version of Telugu flick Srimanthudu. So naturally, there are no tensions involved as our hero will throw anyone to air even if it is a group of twenty plus goons. Also there is no chance of a single hit that will touch him nor does anything will happen to him or anyone closely associated with the male protagonist. 

Ready to ignore these things, then Sellvandhan will entertain you as a mass film that focus primarily on giving a boost up in each and every frame and scene to the fullest to the male protagonist. 

Harsha (Mahesh Babu) is the son of a businessman Ravikanth (Jagapathi Babu) who leaves his wealth to serve the people of his native village for obvious reasons. Harsha adopts the village building schools and infrastructure that the village lacks. But it is not a smooth ride for our hero since he face a stiff resistance from the villain Sasi (Sampath) who happens to be the brother of a Central minister. Rest you all can guess as the film show a one man army battle between Harsha against Sasi and his goonda gang. 

As we know this is not a film close to reality and we are not expecting such a scenario anywhere in a mass film. Primarily targeted at a mass audience level; Sellvandhan is watchable to an extent even with a predictable storyline and having seen such plots in many Tamil flicks of the past decade or so. 

On the flip side you can say the duration of one hundred and sixty three minutes was on the higher side. Also the melodrama towards the end and at many places was something above the tolerable level. 

Mahesh Babu did what was expected of him. Was good in the action and dance sequences. It was my first experience watching the actor. Though it was a dubbed movie, I found the actor quite entertaining. 

Sruthi Hassan just filled up the heroine’s character who was mainly confined to songs and dance without much to do in a hero dominated film. Jagapathi Babu was able to make a good impression as Ravikanth while Sampath as the antagonist Sasi did not do anything bad and was a good choice for that role. Sukanya as Harsha’s mother and Mukesh Rishi as the minister were also okay with their supporting roles.

Songs and dances required a good feel and punch in this genre of movies and Sellvandhan has done well in both these areas. Background score was nice while action sequences were choreographed keeping in line with the level of intensity required for a mass hero film. 

Overall it is an average entertainer for me, a good time pass movie filled with all the ingredients of a mass commercial movie demanded though with a cliched appeal and feel. My rating is two and a half out of five for Sellvandhan.

Rating – 2.5 / 5

Reviewed by chandra mohan gopinath

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