Solar Paper : Solar panels to charge your mobile

One of the biggest concerns of phonemaniacs, is run out of battery, especially for those traveling with powerful mobile, whose power is used up in a day.

Solar panels to charge your mobile

The solution could be to buy a power bank, to give some more hours of life on our mobile. Come de However this ends! And then what? What is the inexhaustible source of energy we have and even free? The sun naturally.

It is this energy source thought to exploit the company’s scientists yolk , who created the Solar Paper, the finest mobile charger that works with solar energy.

The project of Solar Paper presented at CES 2015 in Las Vegas and consists of thin photovoltaic sheets 1,5 mm, with dimensions of 9 × 19 cm and weighing only 120 gram. and fits comfortably between the sheets of a book.The Solar Paper is in production phase and will be available on the market from autumn 2016.