Thani Oruvan Tamil Movie Review

thani oruvan review

Its been quite a while since we saw a racy edge of the seat thriller in Tamil. Thani Oruvan directed by Mohan Raja fills that much needed gap. Going through a lean patch after not so successful movies to his credit, talented Jayam Ravi finally gets one spot on and that too in spectacular fashion. But the man who really stole the show is definitely Aravind Swamy in a stylish and smart avatar as the main antagonist.

Lets leave that aspect and come back to what Thani Oruvan is all about. Backed by a tight and fast screenplay, the movie doesn’t give any time to think much as the speed at which the frames move along leaving to the next scene is in high speed mode and in fifth gear. Again, a thriller demanded some fine camera work, cuts and super cool background score. Each of these areas made a great presence to make this film a pretty high engaging cat and mouse game between the protagonist and the antagonist.

Story takes us to the illegal dealings happening in the medical business where a newly appointed ACP Mithran (Jayam Ravi) and his team is behind a business group led by Sidharth Abhimanyu (Aravind Swamy). As usual in every other film of this genre, there is a strong nexus between politicians and ministers with these illegal networks.

If you dig too much, its a pretty straightforward good versus evil film that ultimately will see the good overpower the evil. But what it matters is a sleak and stylish presentation which Thani Oruvan has, thanks to an electrifying screenplay with the technical side complimenting equally well.

Jayam Ravi was going through a rough ride at the box office since every film from his recent past could not shake the industry but this film directed by his brother Mohan Raja should bring his sagging carrier back in the reckoning. As Mithran, the actor has given his best shot.

But the thing here is the antagonist played by Aravind Swamy appear only after half of hour or so in the movie and from there on the baton shift to him though Ravi has matched up making sure that his character doesn’t go into the sidelines. Its one of best stylish and smart negative role that I have seen in the recent past.

Nayanthara as the female lead was a perfect foil to the male lead. Supporting casts like Thambi Ramaiah, Ganesh Venkatraman, Nasser, Rahul Madhav and the rest also played their part well.

Its a pretty engaging and smartly paced thriller with deeply written characters. There is style backed up by some substance too. All credits to Mohan Raja for his execution giving the Kerala audience something to cheer for this Onam eventhough it is from our neighbouring state. I am going with three and a half out of five for Thani Oruvan.

Rating – 3.5 / 5

Reviewed by chandra mohan gopinath