The OnePlus will release two devices for the 2016

OnePlus One released by Chinese company as Flashship killer for 2014 and for many it was. Now with OnePlus Two announced in a few days, the company aims to make the Flagship killer 2016.

The Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus , gave an interview to the Romanian, and he answered questions about their ties with the company Oppo, he told us keep the prices low and chasing higher profits from accessories. Also he said the system calls allows the company not to manufacture these devices than necessary so you do not have losses of the devices will not be sold, allowing her to keep prices even lower. Then he revealed that OnePlus intended to release a more economical device in 2015, which will have characteristics flagship. The OnePlus not yet able to reveal more about the device.

Something similar is mentioned and co-founder of the company Carl Pei , saying that working on a device that had as a priority the appearance rather than performance. The rumors that the device is made of metal and this would give the premium feel that the company wants. In the matter of features the device will probably be in the middle class, since if released new flagship device with features so early, will cut its sales OnePlus the 2nd .

Judging from the promotional policy of the company, soon we will have more information and leaks on the device.