7 ways to recharge and relax yourself

7 ways to recharge and relax yourself

Surely you know very well. Have you lived. It’s those days that just get up in the morning from bed, crawling as if never stood up. Do everything, but it is impossible to wake up and put your body to work.

Interestingly enough, the feeling of power is the key to happiness. According to studies, when one feels vitality, she feels much better about himself.
On the other hand, when one feels exhausted, even activities that in other circumstances would have made him happy, -as preparing for a party, planning a Travel size make him feel dejected with “black thoughts”.

The known self-help book writer Gretchen Rubin, argues that if someone feels the energy reserves at low levels you must follow one of the following techniques.

Exercise, even a little

Ten minutes walking increase energy and enhance mood. Most say they are too tired to work out, but in fact if someone makes gymnastics at a high volume level, then increases the energy.

Listen loud music

This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to ascend and psychological energy.

Sleep as much as possible

If every morning the alarm clock is your nightmare and you have not slept enough, this results in the batteries is not full and you can not operate. Adults need each night at least seven hours.

Be active

Surveys show that when people are active, their metabolism speeds up. The way people act affects their feelings. Thus the more active is, the greater the energy. Stop talking on the phone sitting down, but walk quickly. You will see that soon you will feel better.

Talk to your friends

This contact will give you energy. So if you feel your mood … the floors, then take a friend and run or walk together chatting.

Get organized

When people are doing housework usually resent and then moaning emptied energy reservoirs. So best is to organize jobs to make them more pleasant. Write the housework in a list and do one every day will see that everything will be better.

Overcome the outbreak to food

It is tempting and very uplifting when someone feels the bottom of resorting to the bowl of ice cream or sweets having the refrigerator. Eventually, however, all those extra calories will shed the lower. It’s better when you’re down on you and you feel ready to devastate the refrigerator, get involved with the care of your body.