Harsh Racist critic On Ennu Ninte Moidheen

Ennu Ninte Moidheen Critic

Debutant RS Vimal directed Prithviraj starred Ennu Ninte Moidheen is the current trending film of Kerala. The film is doing well at the box office and as well as in the hearts of audience while the film getting good responses from everywhere. 

The film narrates a real life love story of Moidheen and Kanjanamala in a cinematic way. The audience had already taken the film and said to be a super hit. Almost all the reviews related to the film are positive. But some negative reviews about the film spread by few people are trending now on facebook. Last day a political leader criticised film by saying the political and periodical elements that discussing in film was not correct and also said some of his party based agenda on film. Now its time for another guy who harshly criticised the film in his recent facebook post. 

The name of the guy is Rajeev U (Facebook name). According to his point of view the plot that conveys through the film is totally mislead the society. Because a Hindu women loving a Muslim Men will create more terrible issues and lead to love Jihad. These types of arguments he saying thorugh in his facebook post. His post is fully filled with some racist things while he is an ardent believer of Hindu ethics. 

His facebook post is starting like..

” I heard that My brother RS Vimal directed Ennu Ninte Moidheen moulds tears on every ones face while after watch the movie.. The divine love story of  Hindu girl Kanjana and a Muslim guy Moidheen is still sustaining only due to the death of Moidheen.. If Moidheen was alive, then the story might be a different one.”  He also added some recent happened issues about Jihad in his post. 

He saying, ” The Victim of Jihad issue hindu girl Sanooja, Who loved a Muslim at Maharajas college and lives with him, Then after she brutally murdered by the name of Jihad. So if that Jihadi were died before Sanooja ‘s death. Then Anooja will alive and she also writes a love story like Kanjanamala did. The Moidheen in the film was died. So Kanjanamala writes the divine story. If he alive today then he will have 3 or 4 spouses, Kanjan will be one among them or there are a chance for separation too.” 

After seeing his mentally ill type post against the film, Actor Prithviraj fans and neutral film audience came and backlash him with their comments. They showered attacking comment against him. His previous posts in facebook also created some caste oriented issues and he is still following that kind of posts in regular. He is a Rss, BJP  supporter. The most fantasy thing is he is working in our Indian army. He is an Army officer. 

However the post that he made is trending in facebook medias. Some people saying that he is doing these kind of things for a self- publicity. It is like a disease now a days to these kind of some peoples. India is a secular country and we all may be came from different state, caste or anything. But some mentally ill racist people are fighting for some personal benefits in the name of Hindu, Muslim and etc. So sensible people do avoid these kind of stupidities and follow the peace and love each other, respect each other. We all are equal. That’s it !!