How to lock the iPhone or iPad in one application

How to lock the iPhone or iPad in one application

The access guidance is one of the functions of accessibility. With this you can lock the iPhone or iPad in a single application. As long as the direction is selected, only this particular application may be used. There is no way to make an exit from the application, return to the home screen or input to another application. (If you do not know the guidance code)

This function is very useful, as you can give your device to your children without worrying, perhaps inadvertently send e-mail or message, or do they mistakenly call.

Another time you may need access to guidance, is if you want to give your device someone for a particular job. Like sending e-mail, surfing the Safari, use any application. With the guidance did not have to worry about going to your photos or your personal messages.

How to enable access to guidance

  • Go to settings
  • Click generally
  • Select accessibility
  • Press access to guidance
  • And activate guidance
  • Set the code (you can use the touch id)
  • Enable Shortcut Accessibility

How to Use

  • Launch an application
  • Press three times the center button
  • Select the actions you want to lock
  • Press start
  • Set the code
  • Press the center button three times to end
  • Now need code or touch id to exit the application