iPhone 6s : How innovative is the new phone from Apple, really?

“Innovation is very important in people’s daily lives,” said Tim Cook yesterday manifestation of Apple. “The iPhone is changing the world.” He also said. It really though? While the iPhone has undoubtedly helped to make smartphones mainstream, Apple has spent the past generations simply making some improvements on technologies that competitors have developed first. It’s a smart move for a company that has made the technology easier to use and has already gained a large audience of users, but I can hardly say that certain new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6s Plus is “innovative”. Most of the characteristics already present in Android for several years and have been used by more smartphone manufacturers.

3D Touch

iphone 6s 3d touch

The Apple did rebrand the Force Touch that had presented at Apple Watch and named the new 3D Touch iPhone 6S and iPhone 6s Plus. This technology allows the screen to feel how much pressure to exert. So depending on the power you put it, we can open a small menu with shortcuts to the home screen or to see a preview content. Developers will be able to choose exactly how to use the soft and hard pressure.

iphone 6s 3d touch

But this technology is not new for Android. This feature is available from the Android Eclair (2.0) and can be found in Level 5 API of Android. There is even an app on Android that you can install to test this possibility. Unfortunately, the only phone that actively uses and advertises Force Touch is the new Huawei Mate S, which was announced last week at IFA 2015 exhibition in Berlin. The Huawei calls it simply “Force Touch” and can also feel how hard you press on the screen like scales.

Live Photos

iphone 6s live photos

In iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Apple has also brought a feature that calls it Live Photos. Essentially, the new camera iPhone 6s will record a very small video after a picture for about one second. Not really useful, however, as these “Live Photos” seem to play only in the application gallery of the phone (and soon, to social networking media such as Facebook).
Remember though that HTC has released in the past a similar feature for its devices and named Zoe. That was pretty much the same idea, only the application by Zoe recorded video before and after the shutter button is pressed. And not only records video, but does receive 20 pictures so you can always go back and find the best one. The Zoe is available for most Android devices and can be downloaded course from Store Play.

Hey, Siri

iphone 6s siri
Apple has also announced the ability to say “Hey Siri” without having to have our iPhone into outlet. With Android, we had the possibility of Android KitKat with the corresponding “OK Google”, which operated from the beginning without mattered if it was our device to charge or not.
The Motorola specifically, and found a way that the Moto X to listen to our voice commands, even if the device has closed the screen, while the impact on the battery is minimal or no.


iphone 6s camera
From the first iPhones, Apple had the best cameras smartphone. But that started to change slowly in competition to escape from the 8MP had Apple is up to the iPhone 6 and Samsung to change the data with the awesome sensor Galaxy S6. But pretty much all manufacturers move more devices that provide more detail on camera, have better performance and more features manual control than offered by Apple.
With iPhone 6s, Apple has now tried to win back a high position in smartphones with the best camera. The iPhone 6s now has a camera at 12MP with “Focus Pixels” for faster autofocus. The front camera also improved and now has a 5MP sensor with the “Retina Flash”, which essentially makes the display to glow for a few seconds to create more light when we pull selfies in dark surroundings.
But the Retina Flash is similar to that used and LG by LG G3 and then to all of the devices that illuminate the selfies generates a white box on the screen. Also, now there are some devices that feature a real LED Flash at the front, like the new Moto X Style.
iphone 6s selfie time
IPhone users can take advantage of the camera and the Force Touch. Apple has added a new feature that allows the user to quickly open the front camera and draw a selfie. To do so, however, the user must press firmly on the screen and then choose the front camera from a drop-down menu to send the picture. Android is doing faster! There are already many smartphones that have built a separate button on the camera allows one-touch, open straight into the camera and take pictures. Samsung has also brought the Quick Start feature in this year’s flagships of the Quick Launch, which allows you to take pictures just by pressing twice the center button while the same operation and has the economical OnePlus 2.
Finally, the iPhone 6s is able now to shoot video and 4K but no OIS (optical image stabilization), which is characteristic we see is in most flagships these days and is very helpful to be no shakes the video.

Motion Wallpapers

iphone 6s motion wallpaper
One feature that Android users enjoy for years, are the Live Wallpapers. For iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, Apple is calling the Motion Wallpapers. Apple is in yesterday’s event showed that users will be able to put the Live Photos as wallpaper, but there is one small problem, to move should the user clicks on the screen. Pretty good, but again, the interactive live wallpapers are a feature shared by Android users for years.
There is no doubt that the iPhone 6s would be a nice step forward for those who love the ecosystem of Apple. And Apple’s attention to detail and craftsmanship always leads to a pleasant smartphone. But when it comes to innovation and the development of technology, the company left behind and not in fact creates new horizons.