Jomon T John make voice Against Theatres

Ennu Ninte Moideen is a trending movie now in Kerala. The film turning to become a blockbuster. The audience equally saying positive response for the film. But Ennu Moidheen’s cinematographer Jomon T John is not satisfied at all. Its not because of the quality of film, because of the lack of quality in our theatres.

The film itself have many beautiful visuals and cinematography of this film is already appreciated by each and everyone who watched the movie. Jomon T John delivers his best as a cinematographer by giving that much of beautiful visuals. But our Kerala theatres are very poor in all manner to show these kind of visuals in exact manner, says Jomon. Not only for visuals, the film denotes the best sound design, music and many other technical perfections as well. But all these things are poorly delivering in our theatres due to the lack of technical aspects.

After watching the movie in a theatre Jomon T John express his disappointment and shattered against the lack of projection facilities that avail in our theatres. Each frame of the film providing some unique color tone and style etc. He saying that, our theatres are cheating the audience by giving the poor projection facilities to the audience. The theatres still providing the ages old and bad projection facility; also they don’t even care to replace a filter bulb in their projection system. But strictly they taking 100 or 150 rupees from the audience as the ticket charge. 

 In a particular scene in Ennu Ninte Moidheen film, which showing a festival in temple. So they had used a golden colour filter for doing the digital intermediate. The  the skin tone of the actress is also have to look golden in that scene, But when we saw that in a theater at Ernakulam. Its look like a different one from that. Feels like entirely different. Jomon said that he really felt heart broken as cinematographer while watching those brilliant visuals as poor in a theatre. 

Jomon saying this problem is not only for visuals, but also in the case of sound system as well. In Other industries like Bollywood or Kollywood, they are providing the best outcome in theatres as the makers desire. But here, the situations are against to the makers.  All of our efforts and hard works for making technical side  perfect is spoiled due to these kind of poor quality projection system that provide in our theaters. Actually it is equal killing the standard of our cinema to; Jomon concluded.