Katti Batti Hindi Movie Review

Katti Batti Hindi Movie

Director Nikhil Advani close on the heels of his last venture Hero has another film to his credit releasing back to back. This time the theme he has chosen is love, break ups and live-in relationships. Seems the director is obsessed with his very first work Kal Ho Na Ho. There are no similarities in a broader view but the things that unfold in Katti Batti towards the latter stages in the movie has a remixed feel of KHNH. 

Katti Batti is the story of Maddy who falls in love with Paayal while they are in college. Later they have a five year live-in relationship that suddenly gets broken. The film show the romantic side of their relationship apart from dwelling on the reason for the break-up between the young couples.

To put it straightaway, direction and screenplay is an unconvincing one. It doesn’t make you bored but there is nothing exciting or anything to ignite excitement in the movie. The romance and to an extent the comedy side worked in parts along with some finer moments until that latter stages and the climax showing the reason that led to the separation of Maddy and Payal moving in a cliched zone which made the film loose out.

Both Imran Khan (who is making a comeback after a small gap of two years) and Kangana Ranaut are good actors especially the latter whose filmy carrier has two phases; Pre Queen stage and post queen stage . True to their potential, they have done their job but to be fully convincing in their roles, the characters demanded much more detailing from the writing department. Still inspite of these odds, their onscreen chemistry was perfect.

Vivan Bhatena inspite of an extended cameo as the antagonist made a big mark in Hero lose out here and couldn’t make any impression largely due to the uneven screen presence. Rest of the actors do not have anything much to do nor do they come into the picture regularly.

For me the biggest positive from the film is Shankar Ehsaan Loy’s music. Though the songs have close resemblance with the music they give, still they are worth hearing for their peppy tunes and rendition by the singers. Cinematography was quite good to give a rich and cool feel with each and every frame.

Not a smooth and fresh love story is Katti Batti. With a cliched treatment and uninspiring climax, the movie cannot make you connect with the characters of Madhav and Paayal though Imran and Kangana who portrayed these characters did their best all for a loosing cause. 

At best it could be an average watch with the least of expectation but for me it was below that mark. My rating for Nikhil Advani’s Katti Batti is two out of five.

Rating – 2 / 5

Reviewed by chandra mohan gopinath