Paayum Puli Tamil Movie Review

Paayum Puli Tamil Movie

We have seen on numerous occasions, especially in Tamil a customary out of the track romance between the leading protagonist and the heroine. Same goes with some comedy and humorous situations that will have no relevance with the subject. Barring these two things Suseendiran’s Paayum Puli is an engaging action flick. 

What that puts a break and obstruct the flawness of the movie is the romance between the lead pair and the humour part without which Paayum Puli would have been a far more superior commercial movie. 

The story revolves around ACP Jayaseelan who is an undercover cop specialised in unofficial encounter killings. He is called upon to avenge the death of a policeman by a notorious gang who have become a pain in the ass of the police force. 

A series of murder of some industrialists in a similar fashion puts the police force in a hard spot. The movie basically is a cat and mouse game between the newly appointed ACP and the gang and revelation of the people behind the murder and their intentions.

Director Suseendiran has a proven track record in this genre. Pandiya Naadu and Naan Mahaan Alla are ample testimonials of his credentials. Here in Paayum Puli too, the genre is the same but the real action begins only from the halfway stage. A less engaging first half almost spoil the thrills and pace but in the second half the movie takes a U turn to provide ample thrills and action.

As I said, some elements purely put as a mandatory commercial requirement were not at all needed for this plot. What that did was only breaking the flow of the movie when a serious subject was being narrated. 

By halfway mark, the real intention of the movie is revealed and in someway the suspense is out quite early in the film. But that do not lessen the thrills. From the interval scene culminating with a touching and intriguing climax, Paayum Puli with that final forty five minutes of the film fully compensate for all the bad things in the initial one hour.

Vishal as ACP Jayaseelan was power packed and high on action doing full justice to the role. Kajol Aggarwal, not sure what was the purpose of the character here was emotionless throughout . Her role just acted as a filler for completing the romantic side. Soori appearing in the cliched humour role could not click. Samudirakani was a good casting for the role and he was almost spot on in his portrayal of the character entrusted to him.

Music by D Imman is just average but the songs and their placement was untimely playing spoilsport in the overall flawness. Brilliant cinematography and well edited is Paayum Puli that just have one hundred and thirty five minutes of running time.

Close on the heels of Thani Oruvan, we have another cat and mouse game between the hero and the villain. The difference that made Thani Oruvan stand more taller than Paayum Puli is definitely elements like humour and out of place romance that didn’t find a place in TO. Still Paayum Puli is a worthy watch especially from the half way mark and my rating is three out of five.

Rating – 3 / 5

Reviewed by chandra mohan gopinath