The new iPhones come with 2GB RAM and iPad Pro with 4GB

Since yesterday ended the announcement of Apple, for its new products, we take our messages dozens of readers who ask how much is the amount of RAM for the devices that we have seen.

iphone 6s

Today it’s time to discover the RAM capacity for each device, so for the iPhone 6s, the iPhone 6s Plus and Apple TV 4, we finally have 2GB RAM. This upgrade is something we’ve been waiting for some time, since Apple had stayed at 1GB long.

iPad Pro

Good news for the iPad Pro, which due to the potential Multitasking has, bring 4GB RAM. The memory will provide enough impetus to device for running multiple applications simultaneously. Perhaps this is the beginning for true multitasking on iOS, while running applications.

Eventually 1GB RAM is not enough, even for iOS