The Samsung developed the Car Mode for Galaxy to easily operate your mobile in the car

Samsung is not very focused in smartphones in today’s presentation made at this year’s IFA 2015, but made an interesting announcement. The company developed the Car Mode for Galaxy, a new mode that allows mobile access to key features of the phone, which is necessary when driving without needing the user to interact actively with the device. In this way, drivers will only have the features most needed and will not risk being detached when driving.

samsung car mode

The Car Mode for Galaxy is actually quite similar to Google’s Android Auto and CarPlay of Apple. When the mobile is attached to the vehicle offered features such as messaging, navigation and music in an easy environment with minimal distraction. So the Car Mode for Galaxy operates, providing access to music and navigation with large brightly colored buttons for easy use, and users can interact with the system through the display in the dashboard, the steering wheel or simply through S Voice.

It is not as feature-rich as the Android Auto and there is a store for applications but at least it does not require you to buy a new car. Works with Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones in every car has a system board with the support MirrorLink, and can also be run as a standalone application in cars that do not have MirrorLink.

The Car Mode for Galaxy will be released as an application exclusively for the Samsung tomorrow devices.