Why the iPhone is still the best Smartphones ?

6s iPhone and iPhone 6s Plus

Every time a new iPhone comes out the internets are on fire. The fanboys excited write hymns and haters cry with type expressions “this Android had two years ago.” There are 1-2 using Internet Explorer, and even see the presentation of the first iPhone.

Yesterday we had the presentation of new 6s iPhone and iPhone 6s Plus and substantial confirmation that Apple is leading the market for Smartphones. I hear people whining because Apple does not innovate anymore and my sounds extremely ironic. Apple is the company responsible, not so much in absolute degree for Smartphones as we know today. Whether those are iPhones either Android.

Apple will innovate again and will do so when needed. He will do with the new Apple TV, which not many got wind of but aims to even hit the market console.

At present, it takes the available technologies, arrives at the ends, making the usable and not mere references to a manual and incorporate the iPhone. Yes indeed, the company X may have before Apple in Y feature but it was useless until that Apple showed that should be implemented. We saw with Apple Pay. The NFC was on Android devices before you discover the Apple, but Apple has made it massive and utilitarian feature.

The Android hurt in mobile technology devices. Whether Android itself is so heavy it needs the power of a fixed computer to run either companies elevate the features unnecessarily. So yes my dear friend, some Android devices were first 8core processors but I would not say as good. Surely my friend had other mobile camera with more mp but the fact that the iPhone 6 have better photo and video camera 8mp (according to comparison of photo sites) should be a concern.

Technology is not a race of who makes the first or who is greater. Technology is for end-user satisfaction and guess which company has the highest customer satisfaction in this piece (hint: a fruit).

Clearly not perfect the Apple, I think the iPad mini even as a failure and wrong move and the same beliefs and the iPad Pro. He will definitely make mistakes and learn from them the way.

It is important to understand all that virgin birth is no more in technology and the patent wars in full swing up and down from the table the patent landscape is cloudy as ever.

In summary, the new iPhone is clearly the best Smartphones at the moment and will clearly define as always, how will move the market today.