Win Rs.5 lakhs by watching Telugu version of Maya alone in theatres

Those who are not afraid of horror films and have steel-like will power stand a chance of winning  Rs.5 lakhs to watch Mayuri, the Telugu adaptation of on-screen character Nayantara’s most recent thriller Maya, alone in theaters! 

Ashwin Saravanan, the debutant director of the film whose work has been commended by critics and motion picture goers for removing a diamond of an execution from on-screen character Nayantara, has reported this challenge. In any case, this challenge is implied just for Telugu groups of onlookers as Saravanan has said that just the individuals who favor viewing Mayuri alone in theaters would meet all requirements for the prize. 

While the Tamil variant has opened to empowering reactions from the groups of onlookers and Nayantara’s fans, the Telugu rendition doesn’t appear to have commenced well, it is accounted for from Tollywood. Keeping in mind the end goal to give wide exposure to the film, maker C. Kalyan has reported that if a man watches the film alone in theaters with no trepidation and with no increment in his heartbeat/pulse, he would be given Rs.5 lakhs. 

The most amazing part of the declaration is that the sum would be given over to the winner(s) by Nayantara.


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