Yatchan Tamil Movie Review

Yatchan Tamil Movie

With an interesting storyline and some good twists at some vital junctures, Yatchan had everything in it for a wholesome entertaining experience. But with predictability looming large over the entire second half and a somewhat uninspiring climax, the movie though watchable settle itself as an average one. 

Chinna (Arya) a goon hails from Thoothukudy is a hardcore Thala fan. He is forced to move to Chennai due to some bizarre turn of events. There is a parallel story where Karthik who wants to be an actor also comes to Chennai after being pushed by his girlfriend. In a life turning incident, they end up in a precarious situation. The film show how they overcome the present situation and how they come out of the mess they are in. 

Director Vishnuvardhan has tried to mix fun and humour in a plot that has few surprises for the audience. Action also has a good presence in the overall scheme of things. Its a mix of everything tried by the director and he has succeeded in that partially. There is a supernatural factor playing a part in the film that has been written quite lamely and lacks conviction.

Dialogues are witty and the treatment of the screenplay is handled in an unconventional manner. The storyline itself is quite interesting but the movie could not sustain the curiosity till the very end as the story runs out of steam at the half way stage. May be if the predictability factor was lessened especially while approaching the finishing line, the results could have been different.

Arya didn’t do anything exceptional but made sure the character of Chinna is a lively one. The screenplay had more share of prominence and scope for Kreshna but somehow Arya made sure his part didn’t get pushed down because of that. Kreshna was okay as Karthik. Among the female leads, Swati Reddy was the better one as she outshone Deepa Sannidi by miles. Thamby Ramaiah with a character that has an element of humour in it didn’t disappoint while Adil Hussain as the antagonist couldn’t create much of an impact.

Songs tuned by Yuvan were just about okay and a reasonably good background score. Good cinematography to give a pleasing feel to our eyes. 

Overall, I would say Yatchan just about manage to score the pass mark. A one time watchable average movie that had something interesting to say but the way it was told and how everything culminate in the end is a slight disappointment. I am going with two and a half out of five for the movie. 

Rating – 2.5 / 5

Reviewed by Chandra mohan gopinath