Anupama IAS , The Brave Sheep In The Flock

Anupama IAS

Recently,we all appreciated the Food Safety Commissioner Anupama IAS for her bold decision to take down the spice products of Nirapara as the test results proved the presence of adulterants.

As she showed the guts to touch the big guns,our political leaders are now on a move to change her from her designation. As any move will make the people react,the sources says that she will be promoted to District Collector,and a new person will be given the post of Food and Safety.

Previously Anupama took a bold move to restrict the vegetables from Tamilnadu as it had chemicals injected in them.

Such actions are very rare in our community. And when media questioned the Food Department Minister,he silently moved aside appreciating anupama. But as analysts predicted,a transfer or promotion is on the way for anupama,as one who touches the big guns who contributes alot of money for party activities can never be allowed to do their duty properly.

If such action takes place in the coming days,then one can say whether the intention was good or not based on how the Nirapara issue is tackled next !!! If you could hear the news that,nothing is wrong with nirapara products,then dont hesitate because “Thats how politics in kerala are !!”.

Courtesy : 7pm