Aquafina Admits It’s Just Tap Water


AQUAFINA,the world’s biggest bottled water brand is going to start admitting that it comes from the exact same source as the tap water disdained by snobs.

Under pressure from Accountability International,the company were forced to admit the shocking truth regarding their source for the product. 

Reporting to US TODAY, PepsiCo spokeswoman Michelle Naughtron called this a “reasonable thing to do” if it helped people understand that they were paying a premium to have the same water they get in their bathroom sink labeled with a serene mountain scene.

The facts regarding the annual gross sale of bottled water quote that we were actually spending Two thousand times what we spend on tap water! One must hand it to their marketing department for generating such a trust with the commons and fooling them every single second.

But the throwing away attitude of the commons have indeed worsened the situation. Throwing away money is one thing; throwing away all that plastic is entirely another. By 2050,almost every single seabird in this planet will have plastic in their digestive system.

“Those commons who have put enormous trust on the bottled water must understand that it was all filtered tap water and not purified or cleanest water in this world. Its time we realise how exactly are these big guns fooling us”.

Courtesy : 7pm