Best of virender sehwag – Must Share

There are many who play cricket at the highest level, most of them with high degree of success. But, only once in a generation, comes one that leaves a signature of his own, etched in cricketing history. Few like him !
Yes, Virender Sehwag is one and only one ! 

His fearless batting, keeping it as simple as ‘see the ball and hit the ball’, whether it’s Ball 1 or Ball 299 of the game, whether he is on 0 or 295, will be his greatest, long lasting signature on this game. 

PS : The immediate reaction of Dhoni bashers would be to blame Dhoni for everything. It would seem Dhoni is solely responsible for the retirements of every senior in the team, most convenient way of thinking for a Dhoni hater. Being a Dhoni hater, but as much a realist, I believe form and fitness had long deserted Viru. As much as it is unfortunate, it is also the hard fact that Viru in the last days of his career, couldn’t earn a decent farewell for himself !

virender sehwag