Case of The Dead Sisters : The true story of two sisters murdered in an office building

Let’s see if you are brave enough to watch this video.

From a bungalow in an elegant colony to a spooky stronghold, from a spooky tree individuals abstain from intersection around evening time to an office building individuals are excessively terrified, making it impossible to enter, there is no dissent each city has its spooky spots. Well known YouTube channel, Vipra Dialogs has been sharing some truly cool and amusing recordings in any case, this time around they have chosen to give you a chilling appalling genuine story. 

In December 1998, an instance of two sisters cut in an office building in Knowledge Park, Greater Noida was accounted for. The homicide was a stalker whom the young ladies had declined to converse with.

 case of two sisters

People reported that they felt and saw bizarre things happening in the building. 5 office workers from the same cove even turned out to be rationally unsteady following 5 months of the occurrence.

Of course, the company kept all the incidents hidden and its name under cover. However, the building is still haunted and cursed forever.

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