Do You Think Road Side Demonstrations And Campaignings Should be controlled ?

Demonstrations And Campaignings

For whatever reason it maybe,we have a general trend of showing it off in public roads. Rallies,Campaignings,Demonstrations etc the process may vary,but every single time it creates a huge menace for the common public.

Facts says that,this trend is having an exponential increase despite of the order from judiciary to curb down such activities. And officials,who ought to be at the side of the commons,is being forced to work hard so as to create a little way for the traffic to move on. 

Yes its a democratic society and its a right of an individual. But everyone should understand the amount of traffic we have in our society and the width of our roads too !

In most of the cases,these things comes all of a sudden for the public and many times,people will have to suffer,as the ones who got immediate things to do will be out there in blocks,being helpless !!!

We are not asking such activities to be banned, but can be reduced to alot of extent,specially religious rallies !!! It can be a big blessing for the commons,if the ones involved in such activities takes a little pain to understand the situation of the commons !!!

Do you agree ???

Courtesy : 7pm