Gayathri Subran,The First Dalit Women To Become A Pilot In India.

Gayathri Subran

Meet Gayathri Subran,the first Dalit women to become a pilot in India. 

Yes the caste is not a big deal in terms of achievements,but in a country where the upper caste still continues its atrocities against the lower caste, her achievement stands out from the rest. Being a inspiration and motivation for every women out here in India.

She hails from Kottassery,Thrissur a remote village in Kerala. She is the only child of a daily wage worker Subran and Shakunthala.

“Her dreams were high,the challenges werent a matter for her” says her father on her achievement. One really needs to give it to her confidence and dedicated hardwork for achieving such a big feat. 

In a country where casteism still stays strong,we hope this will inspire every single women out there to break the barriers !!!

Respect Gayathri ! We are proud of you !!!

Courtesy : 7pm