Malayalam Short FIlm Nisha 2015

The film is a real face of the society. We completed this film with 100% true information from relevant sources. The film is discussing about a women living in a society who did not have freedom to travel at night. It visualizes the inequality of women in the society. According to new reports sexual harassment in india increasing day by day. 
The film features the girl named Nisha who is being sexually harassed while walking out at night. At the end of the story Nisha decide to come back to enjoy her freedom. And becomes a role model for women of this generation.

Story,Screenplay and Direction : Harinandan N.R

Editing : Sreevas Sharma

Cinematography : Akhil Elanjikal

Production : Godfather creations

special thanks : Shabari Das , Liweo Winston and Fredy Thaikkattil

nisha short film