Naanum Rowdy Dhaan Tamil Movie Review : Vijay’nnaa Summaava

Naanum Rowdy Dhaan

Its been a pretty long time since Tamil film world had a complete entertainer to their credit. Vignesh Shivan after a not so successful ‘Poda Podi’ comes up with his second. A clean entertainer with a different story line, “Naanum Rowdy Dhaan” has a treatment and presentation that can easily connect with the audience from the very first scene itself where a little boy inside jail getting advice from a rowdy on who is better among a cop and a rowdy. 

So we have Pondy Pandi, the young guy who wants to be a hardcore rowdy contrasting to the wishes of his mother who wants her only son to be a cop like her. True to the rom com genre, Pandi falls for Kadambari a hearing impaired girl at the very first sight. But Kadambari whose parents were killed by a goon wants to take revenge through her boyfriend. Then only Pandi will have her as his own. How Pandi and his team execute this is what the movie “Naanum Rowdy Dhaan” is all about. 

Through humorous dialogues and comic situations backed by cool performances, Vignesh Shivan is successful in presenting a colourful entertainer. There is no time for boredom nor does the movie has moments testing our patience, thanks to clever writing and good direction understanding the pulse of the audience. 

On screen, we have a confident looking Vijay Sethupathy appearing as Pondy Pandi. After watching the movie completely, one would easily say he is the ideal actor suited for this role. Nayanthara continue her success journey yet again. Her portrayal of the innocent but vengeful Kadambari made every sense in casting her. Partheban as the local thug, RJ Balaji as the hero’s side kick, Raadhika as Pandi’s mother are some of the notable performances from the supporting side.

It would be an incomplete write up if a word of mention is not made about two baddies of yesteryear Mansur Ali Khan and Anandaraj excelling in comic roles. 

George C Williams has come up with some fine visuals to enrich the overall feel. Sharp and nice edits and credit to editor Sreekar Prasad. Another backbone of the movie is the musical department coming up with fine work both in the songs and BGM side and full marks to Anirudh. 

Vignesh Shivan has presented a neat and nicely packaged entertainer here suitable for all audience. When some of the biggies with big stars from Tamil failed in the recent times, it is heartwarming and refreshing to see smaller films with lesser known stars making a mark. I am going with three and a half out of five for “Naanum Rowdy Dhaan”. 

Rating – 3.5 / 5

Naanum Rowdy Dhaan Tamil Movie Review
Reviewed by Chandra mohan gopinathon Oct 25 2015
Rating: 3.5