Nadirshah touches the heights

Nadirshah , He has never played a hero in any hit movie, but he is quite popular among Malayalis. The multifaceted Nadirshah, who has donned the hats of singer, mimicry artiste, stage show director, lyricist, parody writer and music director, has recently bagged one more title — a super hit filmmaker, through the multi-starrer film Amar Akbar Anthony. Though many film buffs criticise it as ‘late entry’, he has clear answers to all such criticisms.

When he donned the role of a director, for a stage show, at the age of 20, he had never dreamt of calling shots for big screen actors. “I started my mimicry career at the age of 16 and that career gave me all the fame. It was only later I got acquainted with the film fraternity. My complete concentration was on my stage career, in which I was the actor and the show director,” says Nadirshah. His skill in scribbling parody has played an important role in his career.

“During my college days, I used to work in a factory Carborundum Universal in Kochi. On the way to work, I used to replace the lyrics of popular songs with tricky words so that I could tease my friends. This became popular among my friend circles. Thus I got the opportunity to pen parodies for stage shows, audio cassettes and video cassettes,” says Nadirshah, who got the first offer to direct a film owing to such a cassette.

Nadirshah got his first call from the M’town after his parody play on James Cameron’s Titanic turned into a hit. “I think it was 1997-98. Awed by the play, R. Mohan of Good Night movies set forward an offer to direct a film for his generation house. Truth be told, I was not envisioning to wind up an executive and my just involvement in the business was as a performer. Despite the fact that I had coordinated stage appears and tape programs, I was almost certain that the “making” and “linguistic use” of a film are totally diverse. Normally, I dismisses the offer. I let him know that I would do a film strictly when I find out about bearing,” he says. 

Again it took numerous years for Nadirshah to persuade himself that he could coordinate a film. “In 2007-08, I chose to direct a film. In the interim, I attempted my best to see more about movies, however I have not helped any producers. When I chose to direct a film, the first individual who came to me was my dear companion Dileep. He said he would give me open date for my undertaking, despite the fact that he was extremely occupied around then. He likewise consented to create it. Yet, sadly, I couldn’t focus in on a story, which is suitable to get propelled as a chief,” he remembers. 

Then, a hefty portion of his adversaries and ‘imagining companions’ begun teasing him for the sake of his directorial debut. “That antagonistically influenced me. In any case, my family and dear companions, including Dileep and (Salim Kumar), remained behind me with all backing. They knew the purpose for that slack. Jayasurya too offered me his open dates for my task. Be that as it may, I had no idea on the best way to land a venture,” says the 45-year-old chief. 

It was through performing artist Kalabhavan Shajon the script of Amar Akbar Anthony came to Nadirshah. “In the first perusing itself, I comprehended that I had discovered the well-suited script for my introduction. In the blink of an eye, I called Jayasurya and he said ‘yes’. The following cast was Prithviraj and through him, I came to Indrajith,” says Nadirshah, who is overpowered with the great reaction to the motion picture from all focuses. He is presently all set to redo Amar Akbar Anthony in Tamil.

“That will be my next and it will be produced by United Global Media along with Shibu Thameens. We have not decided on the cast yet,” says the director, who wants to do a movie with Dileep one day. “I will direct a film for NAD visual media, owned by me and Dileep, for which we produced Dhe Maveli Kombath. Dileep will be the hero in that film,” he sums up.