Open Your Mind | Malayalam Short Film

Open Your Mind
is a satirical short film directed by Vishnu G Raghav. It is produced by Vinu Mohan and Prajil Manokkoth under the banner ‘Manikkoth Productions’.

Bhavana, Saikumar, Bindu Panicker, Anu Mohan, Rony David, Dinesh Panicker, Maya Vishwanath, Mahesh, Ajas, Anjali Nair , Ashwathy Pillai , Krishnan Balakrishnan ,Jayanthi Narendranath, Krishna Sankar, Adita Manoj and Arjun Ravinder in the main roles.

It talks about the general attitude of our society towards everythin and the unnecessary restrictions the society impose on people. 

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Concept,Direction : Vishnu G Raghav 
Produced by : Vinu Mohan , Prajil Manikkoth
Screenplay : Vishnu G Raghav, Anu Mohan
Dialogues : Jyothish Jayapalan, Gautham S Kumar
Cinematography : Roby Raj
Music : Roby Abraham
Edited by : Appu N Bhattathiri
Sound Design : M R Rajakrishnan
Colourist: Sreekumar ( Cinemasalone)
Art : Mahesh, Shibhu, Vishnu
Project Designer: Sachin Senan
Publicity Designs : T G Entertainment Studios
Visual Effects: Arunlal S Pillai
Associate Directors: Jomon Joshy ,Joe Siby Malayil, Ritwik Baiju
Associate Cameraman: Alex J Pulickal
Stills: Manu Manohar , Vishnu Prabhakar
Costumes: Sachin Krishna
Makeup: Aji 
Asst Cameraman: Shameer PM , Rajesh Bhaskar
Asst Director: Sooraj Sunny , Sidharth TK

 It’s an amazing film, great thought and awesome visualization… in fact  its a painful reality that our people have negative outlook towards their own life and to others which is always leads to frustration and mental illness, people who failed in their life are always pointing at negative factors in everything. We appreciate that  you did an excellent job here… you said about the freedom of thinking… showed the uniqueness… and we are in an illusion of our customs and traditions, we have to come out from that… we can fly over the rainbow… thank you for the thoughtful moments. Good luck for your future projects.

open your mind

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