Rajmohan Unnithan criticises Sasikala teacher

It’s been barely over a year of the BJP Government and how disappointed are we? God OMG — more than disappointed, I believe we are shocked and hoping it’s still all a mistake. Did we ever imagine we are voting for a despotic fascist regime? What exactly is going on? WTF!

Beef Ban: Dear BJP. Can you please explain what wrong did the chicken or the goat do that they deserve to be killed and not the cow? Yes, yes the Congress imposed it before you, but how come they didn’t bombard it on us as much as you did? Why am I suddenly feeling embarrassed about being a Hindu?

Meat Ban: Yes, you want revenge and one-upmanship on your Congress counterparts and detract from the fact that you are failing completely in governance. Farmer suicides, rape, children dying by falling into potholes, Gajendra Chauhan… need I say more?

Did you say sedition charges should be slapped against those who dare to speak up? I mean really? I dare you – seriously.

And what was that about eliminating western culture and reclaiming Indian culture?

What exactly do you mean by that dear education/HRD minister Smriti Irani (who is not sure of what education degree she has acquired herself or in which language)? Someone who herself doesn’t know if she is a BA by correspondence or a B.Com by imagination, is not likely to know the difference between Hinduism and Hindutva is she?

“If you do not understand that tolerance, or exercise that compassion so intrinsic to our religion, you do not deserve to call yourself Hindu.”

Hinduism is a philosophy. A way of life. The doctrine of which allows me the choice of acceptance or rejection. Rama or Ganpati or atheism too. The Upanishads or Gita or tantra or mantra. Hindutva, on the other hand, is a militant imposition of wrongly interpreted tenets of Hinduism. Hindutva is a political tool — nothing to do with the religion itself.

I’m not showing off or being patronising I promise you. My grandfather and my ancestors were temple priests — my father still recites the Vedas verbatim. My sister recites them without having ever studied them — it is so in my bloodline. That’s how Hindu my lineage is.

So do not teach me about my own religion, dear BJP. Don’t tell me how I should think. Who I should worship. How I should dress or what I should eat.

I am a Hindu — by definition, a purer and higher form than you can ever be — and I reject your Hindutva. Just as Islam must reject the Taliban or Isis.

To be a Hindu is to be tolerant. It’s why we have survived as a race in spite of invasion, conversion and unimaginable attempted destruction. If you do not understand that tolerance, or exercise that compassion so intrinsic to our religion, you do not deserve to call yourself Hindu. Or a leader of a democratic nation.

So dear BJP, I reject your Hindutva. I reject your fascism. I reject your despotism.

Dare me if you will. For I speak for all of India.

Mind it!

sasikala teacher