Rudramadevi Movie Review


Just like Chimbu Devan, director of Puli, it seems Gunasekhar too had an ambitious plan in mind. But an ambitious and big project needs a top class execution which was clearly missing in Rudramadevi, the period movie and a biopic based on the life of Queen Rudramadevi of Kakatiya dynasty. If execution and narration failed miserably, visual effects and graphics went totally clueless which were totally tacky and lacklustre.

The film portray the life of Rudramadevi, the brave queen who was brought up as a male till the age of fourteen and continued to hide her gender for another eleven years for the survival of the Kingdom. Later she had to reveal her identity but she was brave enough to fight against all the local kings trying to dethrone and eliminate her. Rest of the plot goes into the efforts of Rudramadevi in a battle to protect the people of her Kingdom. 

I watched the dubbed Malayalam version and for me it was a bad experience. The dialogues could not make any impact and sounded irritating.

The biggest challenge any period film releasing after the post-Baahubali era would face is that a benchmark has been set for Indian period films. So war sequences and visual effects do tend to be compared and it is virtually a herculean task for any film to break that standard. Not that it is never possible but nevertheless it is not an easy task either to break that benchmark. 

It is unfair to compare films even if it is in the same genre and has involvement of similar elements for a comparison. But the way certain aspects have been dealt in Rudramadevi makes you feel pity on how the treatment is done. Certain illogical and silly scenes added makes you sit and ponder what the hell is happening here.

As far as performance is concerned, the only bright side was Anushka. We can see the efforts she has put in and the same deserves to be applauded. Allu Arjun and Rana Daggubati did not get meaty roles to showcase something and make an impression. Out of the two Allu’s role was slightly higher as he is part of some war scenes where he could display heroism. Prakash Raj, Suman and Nithya Menon are also part of the cast.

VFX as said earlier was done very poorly. The background and the characters did not blend at many places. Still the war scene at the fag end where the warriors form a snake like pattern and Garuda pattern was outstanding. Cinematography was okay while edits should have been much better. 

Overall, watching Rudramadevi the Malayalam dubbed version will only give headache and nothing else. May be the Tamil or original Telugu could make some difference but that too very little. The rating is a very generous one and a half out of five. 

Rating – 1.5 / 5

Reviewed by chandra mohan gopinath

Rudramadevi Movie Review
Reviewed by Chandra mohan gopinathon Oct 12 2015
Rating: 1