The walk Movie Review

The walk

The experience and awesomeness provided in the final half an hour more than compensate for a somewhat tiring first half. The Walk takes you literally to the top of the twin towers of Newyork City and makes you sit in disbelief about the daring and stunning Walk between the two tallest man made structures of the world.

A true story based on the French wire artist, Phillippe Petit’s daring walk on ropes between the World Trade Centre buildings in 1974, the movie recreate that same attempt on the big screen in 3D. Walking 1350 feet above the ground, the visuals makes you feel as if you are right up there making you almost fainted. 

Its a slow starting movie with a tiring first half but as I said this is hugely compensated by a thrilling second half especially the final thirty minutes providing non stop visuals that transport you to the top of the world. The initial one hour or so show how Phillippe gets interested in the high-wire walk and how he trains keeping his dream and passion to realise it.

Once he has set his goals, the next portion of the film is devoted to Phillippe’s efforts in assembling a team that can help him to achieve his mission. Once that is done, another portion show the way how they assemble the equipments and stuffs before finally taking up the challenge to conquer the twin towers. 

Joseph Gordon Levitt as Petit and Ben Kingsley playing the circus showman Papa Rudy are the two standout performers on the acting front.

More than an entertainment movie, The Walk is more of an inspirational and motivating movie that show us that nothing is impossible if we have the desire and willpower to achieve our dreams and goals. With its thrilling visuals, good direction from Robert Zemeckis and a cool performance from the lead actor, The Walk will not disappoint you. I am going with three and a half out of five as my personal rating for this film. 

Rating – 3.5 / 5.

Reviewed by Chandra mohan gopinath

The walk Movie Review
Reviewed by Chandra mohan gopinathon Oct 13 2015
Rating: 3