You live only once.. but if you do it right, once is enough (Mae West)

beautiful flower

I have never liked the advice. This is because each person is different, but some needs are common. And the universal truth is that under this sky we are all equal and we have only one life to live.

Let’s put some standards in our life. Ask yourself, if you travel a lot. If not do it even if it is the village next to you. Open your horizons. Try new things, putting aside the fear. Usually what you have to gain is much more than you think you’ll lose.

Do not give up on yourself and do not become the roles adopted. Do not jammed into frames to force you to sacrifice who you are. Life is too short to waste it on the meaningless statements and the youth have only once.

One step towards liberalization is to stop believing that you are the center of the world. The craze of having control over all makes you alter your dreams. And most likely it becomes to follow the dreams of someone else, just because you can not control them, but rather to rejoice.

Say “I love you” to people you love because you will have them for ever close to you and can even tell, to change the life. Fight for your ideas and do not let yourself be a victim. Fight for your beliefs, competition as if it is the last time.

Throw unnecessary. Moderate people, habits, bad feelings. That annoys cut and not stuck. There is always something new to discover. You’re not your nationality, your gender, your job title and your studies. Not reflected who you are, you, in your identity and degrees.

Small moments are priceless. You have your time and health? Enjoy it them. They are kissing on the favorite your favorite? It is the gaze of the sky and the sea? You are chatting with a friend? It is the melody of a song or verse from a poem? Take the maximum and do keep in your heart.

The joy can not get enough, but that’s why you have to have taste and regret, to have felt the contradictions and have matured through this process that requires the cycle of life, initiation into substance.

You live only once, but every day you die if you let all this not to happen ever, if you count the days and removed from the child they once were. Away from self-improvement guides all new-age nonsense. Search your truth and firmly hold the steering wheel of the heart, firmly in the Big and Nice, unknown.