Less Known Facts About Kerala


One must learn from keralites !!!!

It’s not what you’ve got that matters. It’s more important how you use what you’ve got and the best example is KERALA.

People says,a high GDP rate reflect the progress of the economy. But Kerala with a less GDP rate as compared to other countries and states,has done extremely well in building up a progressive economy.

Kerala’s most unique feature is how it has leveraged its limited GDP to achieve remarkably strong outcomes in health, education and quality of life.

Kerala’s Literacy rate is the highest and Infant mortality rate is the lowest in India. One must give it to the grassroots education programs and economic opportunity provided for women. 

Kerala’s GDP per capita is decent by Indian standards, but not spectacular. But it boasts the highest HDI of any Indian state. If it were a country, Kerala would rank 77th in the world – ahead of countries with much higher GDP per capita, such as Turkey, South Africa and Peru.

Productivity in some of Kerala’s smaller workshops is pre-industrial, but that’s still better than doing nothing and kerala govt has strongly resisted the corporatization of agriculture, and this has helped it achieve the lowest rural poverty in India.

Its said,the amount of strikes being organised in kerala,makes it less convenient for business groups. But on the other hand,the strikes has empowered people to fight for their interests that Keralites have managed to win the highest standard of living in their vast, diverse country. Other parts of India lose very little work time to strikes, yet their people are demonstrably worse off.

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