Titli Hindi Movie Review

Titli Hindi Movie

A movie with a realistic touch, Kanu Behl’s ” TITLI ” is a remarkable and engaging crime drama focusing on a dysfunctional family from Delhi’s underbelly. Though not belonging to the mainstream Bollywood cinema, Titli has a clean execution from the team behind it to make it a must watch movie.
So its not a conventional crime film that we are used to. The treatment is realistic giving a dark and violent feel. Emotions and attachment do find very little space in Titli as the film transport us to the Old Delhi where this family is located.

On the story side, we have this three brothers and their father and Titli our hero is the youngest of the lot. Unable to find a decent income to run their daily life, they resort to crime and related acts in a desperate attempt to earn quick bucks.

Titli though reluctantly is part of all the disturbing and shabby things that the brothers become part of, he sometimes wants to come out of that messy life conveyed mostly through silent expressions and not through any dialogues.
Some of the violence will naturally have a bad effect on you but once you come out of the cinema halls, Titli is bound to stay on your minds for some time. All credits for that goes to director Kanu Behl and his screenplay.
On that count one cannot take away the contributions from camera man and editor who have splendidly done their part along with the art department in creating a messy home for the family that more or less convey the life that they lead.

Coming to performances which is another area that the film can showcase, Shashank Arora as Titli and Shivani Reghuvanshi as the strong Neelu and Titli’s wife; both rank newcomers deliver a matured performance. Amit Sial as the second brother of Titli was natural in his portrayal of the character he was given. Also,the father character done by Lalit Behl has very little to do but have a was a notable presence that should not go unmentioned.
But if you ask to pick one among the actors who is outstanding in the film, it should be Ranvir Shorey who has come out with a career best performance till date to make the character of the elder brother Vikram look so cruel and at times helpless too in a remarkable way.

On the production side we have Yash Raj Films teaming up with director Dibakar Banerjee and really surprised to see YRF making a presence in the parallel film market.

Overall, Titli is NOT your conventional Bollywood crime drama but belong to a different category altogether. With good direction backed by solid acting performances, the film is highly recommended from my side. I am going with four out of five for Titli.

Rating – 4 / 5

Titli Hindi Movie Review
Reviewed by Chandra mohan gopinathon Nov 01 2015
Rating: 4