Angry Indian Goddesses Movie Review

Angry Indian Goddesses

An unconventional female bonding movie, Angry Indian Goddesses directed by Pan Nalin offer you lots of fun, unadulterated humour and entertainment. To put it across straight, this is one of the best female buddy movie that have come out in the recent times making it a must watch film in the genre.
The thinking that has gone behind the making of the movie is purely out of the box. All credits to the makers for thinking and executing differently. The result is there for you to see as the level of rollicking entertainment that the film is offering is on a larger scale.

On to a brief digging of the story now. Freida calls all her friends to her home and they share their happiness, sorrow and troubles to one another until Freida decide to reveal her plan to get married. From here the story takes a different turn. In the process, Angry Indian Goddesses also try to portray atrocities committed against women and also show us what happens after law is taken in their hands through a veiled reference to Hindu goddess Kali.
The fun element with lots of sexy one liners are mostly reserved for the first half. The second half looses the plot somewhere and it should be said the screenplay could not compensate for the lively pace of the pre-interval portion in the latter stages.

Still the movie is worth watching and kudos to its director and the brain behind this unconventional experiment that is refreshing, quirky and at the same time providing wholesome entertainment of two hours.
This is also one film where the performance factor has played a major part in lifting the feel of the film. All the ladies have done their respective roles look lively, charming and fresh on screen. Adil Hussain appear towards the latter stages but he has nothing much to do in a female packed film.

Overall you have a cool, charming and breezy entertainer in Angry Indian Goddesses that try to break the shells from the conventional Bollywood pattern. In their attempt they have come out successful too with the experimentation. The rating is three and a half out of five and a big thumbs up to all the ladies or the Goddesses.

Rating – 3.5 / 5

Angry Indian Goddesses Movie Review
Reviewed by Chandra mohan gopinathon Dec 19 2015
Rating: 3.5