How to improve the wifi connection

In recent days we have seen articles about how climate Christmas destroys our relationship with our WiFi … But nobody told us neither how to restore the relationship to previous levels or additional grounds this relationship is at risk …

We are here to correct this omission!

Santa claus laptop

Often we read the Christmas lights, this so innocent detail of Christmas adornments, may interfere with the functioning of our Router. The lights, however, is not the only source of evil. Remember microwave ovens, baby monitors and generally anything that emits radio waves, especially on the same frequency with WiFi!

This our intransigence to use these devices burden our Router and hinders our connection, but there are small steps we can take, that a slow “loading” due solely anymore in our provider – not the arrangement of our house or something you forgot to predict!

Initially, many would suggest to stop using wireless connection modes, but this is often not possible and also, why do it when we have so many means to improve our wireless? Beyond any thoughts on charge of our health due to the radio, but the extra battery consumption, there is no other reason to go to such a procedure.

wifi cables

The first step, then, is to remove our Router from the microwave oven, cordless telephone, the refrigerator, the cables from the lights (where the electromagnetic field is created that is responsible for any deterioration of the signal; and NOT the same the lights) and anything else we think is responsible for the interference. To even find the optimum point for our brand, we can every time we move the router can we check and our connection.

The second step is to place the Router on the ground, so it is not close to pipes and cables passing under our floor, but also to be detected more easily than our devices. Also, we would not place it in closets or covered surfaces, as obviously as possible and if the antenna, objects between it and our device (particularly insulating materials – such as plastic or metal) will hinder its use.

The third step is the change in frequency Router us. As if we have the impression that the 2.4GHz are often ideal, we inform you that at similar frequencies emit most of our technological goods. For this the selection of 5GHz might make our lives easier, or even … with less interference (recommend that you check if your devices are compatible with 5GHz, however, and especially eg. The oldest gaming might have matter)!

Fourth step and only for those who are passionate about the brand … the newest Router, the better. Some Router latest (and for those with deeper pockets) are able to recognize that blocked the signal and enforce it in this direction. * The same of course applies to the wiring of the house itself, which as newer and higher quality, the better the internet connection. *

Fifth step, especially since we can not make our house a giant cage Faraday who will block any outside interference, it would not change and the channel to broadcast the Router us, especially if we are in an area with many WiFi (eg. A building), and this step can reduce the overlap. Plus, most Router have automated this option to reduce external interference, by selecting themselves the channel with the smallest move but it would be good to check.

Last step, which should all do, even when we do not think there is a problem with our connection – many even forget and moan unnecessarily – is to get in touch with the provider and make sure that our line is optimal situation.

turn on and turn off moden

We hope to help you with simple and easy steps that we have proposed steps that one can follow with absolutely basic literacy!

Whatever else you may need, we are here! And do not let anyone spoil your relationship with the internet …